Vibratory finishing

Trowalisation - surface treatment of castings using vibratory machining technology.

Vibro-abrasive finishing (also known as trowalisation) consists of cleaning castings with a ROSLER vibro-abrasive machine, using ceramic mouldings and cleaning fluids from the same company. This system is characterised by high efficiency and very good smoothing of the external surfaces.

It is optimal for the machining of small and medium-sized workpieces. In contrast to the traditional methods of deburring (reaming, turning, milling, belt grinding, cutting, grinding, etc.) which only reduce the level of roughness of the treatment, the vibratory finishing technique provides complete deburring of the entire surface of the workpiece. In addition to deburring, vibratory grinding allows for other external finishes, in particular:

  • cleaning, polishing, descaling
  • rust removal, glossing, smoothing
  • coarse grinding and degreasing

and other forms of processing according to the order and specifications of our customers, including:

  • machine trimming (castings are trimming on OVERMANN hydraulic presses with a strength of 50 tonnes),
  • radial riveting (radial setting of 8mm diameter rivets),
  • grinding (we carry out surface finishing with the use of abrasive tools, as a result of which we obtain smoothness of the treated surfaces),
  • threading (we perform threading on drilling machines by means of taps, knives or die heads),
  • milling (we perform milling of planes, grooves, shaped surfaces. Milling in GALJA is carried out with rotary multi-point tools – milling cutters – on a table milling machine from FRIDRICH DECKEL),
  • reaming.