Galvanic and powder coatings

The GALJA powder coating plant is equipped with modern WAGNER equipment, thanks to which GALJA products obtain very high-quality powder coatings and an excellent surface finish.


Powder coating is the most ecological and therefore popular method of protecting products against corrosion, which gives great possibilities of color selection, but let’s focus on the aspect of resistance.

The construction standard says that the products are to withstand 96 hours in a salt spray chamber and most customers expect it without realizing that it is the minimum, and they can get much more, which can be an advantage on the market.

Our company has implemented the technological process of ZNAL surface preparation developed by a world leader in the chemical industry. It provides corrosion resistance at the level of: 480h in a salt chamber, 240h in a climatic chamber and the PV1210 test for the automotive industry.

Of course, we measure the thickness of the varnish and adhesion as a standard, at the customer’s request, and as an additional service, tests in a salt or climatic chamber.